Traces: Making Sense Of Urodynamics Testing – Part 2: Uroflowmetry

Mikel Gray

Urodynamics is a collection of tests used to measure bladder, urethral, and pelvic floor muscle function, as well as diagnose
functional disorders of the lower urinary tract (Abrams, Blaivas, Stanton, & Andersen, 1990). This series focuses on hydrodynamic, physiologic, technical, and psychosocial aspects of urodynamics testing. It was primarily written for the urodynamics clinician (urodynamicist) and for the urologic clinician wishing to gain more knowledge about interpretation of urodynamics findings. The first article in this series focused on the hydrodynamics behind the measurement of intravesical, abdominal, and detrusor pressures (Gray, 2010). This second article will focus on hydrodynamics and technical aspects of uroflowmetry, and its interpretation.

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