Long-term outcomes of radical cystectomywith preservation of prostatic capsule

Marcos F. Dall’Oglio • Alberto A. Antunes •
Alexandre Crippa • Adriano J. Nesrallah •
Miguel Srougi

Objective We report our results of orthotopic ileal neobladder after radical cystectomy with prostatic adenomectomy with regard to urinary continence, sexual outcome and disease control. Methods Between March 2003 and July 2004, 22 men with bladder transitional cell carcinoma (mean age 65.0) were analyzed. They underwent radical cystectomy with prostatic adenomectomy with preservation of the prostatic capsule, seminal vesicles and orthotopic ileal neobladder. Urinary continence was assessed after 2 days, 2 months, 6 months and 1 year. Preservation of sexual function was defined as the ability to have sexual intercourse and was assessed after 2-, 6-, and 12-months postoperatively. Overall survival and cancer-specific survival were assessed. Results Median postoperative follow-up was 60 months. Daytime and nighttime urinary continence after 48 h was 47 and 14%, respectively. After 2, 6 and 12 months, these rates were 74 and 16%, 85 and 26%, and 94 and 31%, respectively. Sexual intercourse was achieved in 69% of patients. Overall survival rate was 68%, and cancer-specific survival rate was 73%. Overall survival rates according to pathologic stage for pT0, pT1, pT2 and pT3 were 100, 60, 71 and 57%, and cancer-specific survival were 100, 80, 71 and 57%, respectively. Conclusions Urinary continence and sexual function achieved by radical cystectomy with prostatic adenomectomy with orthotopic ileal neobladder seem to be similar to those achieved by the conventional technique with satisfactory oncologic results.

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