Outpatient novel ‘out-leaf’ (ONOL) procedure for idiopathic hydrocele

Sinasi Yavuz Önol and Fikret Fatih Önol*
 Clinic of Urology, Vakif Gureba Training and Research Hospital, Istanbul, and *Clinic of Urology, Sakarya Training and
Research Hospital, Sakarya, Turkey


A conventional hydrocelectomy includes excision and subsequent eversion of the sac, which can be associated with a large scrotal oedema, haematoma and infection, depending on the magnitude of the manipulation [1]. Postoperative discomfort and temporary limitation of normal activities are major disadvantages of open hydrocelectomy. Efforts aimed at avoiding these complications, e.g. plication and window techniques, have resulted in high recurrence rates [2]. We present a novel outpatient procedure that offers easy removal of even huge hydroceles through a small skin incision, minimizing the risk of complications,
with reduced postoperative scrotal discomfort, fast recovery, and a low risk of recurrence.

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